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Class Action Filed Against Fulton Sheriff-Jail's delays in inmate releases, strip searches of prisoners prompt suit.CAtlanta attorneys Charles B. Pekor and Daniel DeWoskin, Chaz ClaiborneCharles B. Pekor
Police "Subpoenas" Puzzle Lawyers East Point Judge signed order helping investigators into apartment ruckus. Illegal "Suppoenas" issued against Atlanta lawyers Charles Pekor and Daniel DeWoskin are quashed. Charles B. Pekor

Famous Civil Verdicts of "Tommy" Malone Georgia plaintiff's civil trial lawyer,Thomas "Tommy" Malone, a graduate of Mercer University Law School, has won some of the largest and most famous civil verdicts for his clients in the State of Georgia.
 U.S. Attorney Firing Sparks Alarm xTHE CURRENT CONTROVERSY regarding the firing of U.S. attorneys by the Bush administration frankly is very alarming former U.S. Attorney and Justice Department trial lawyer Charles B. Pekor.